Aspie Dating

I haven’t had a date in months.  Obviously, my ability to attract a woman is both rusty and neglected.  When I have valuable intel, I’ll let you know.

Just keep in mind that it is always best to focus on how the woman thinks.  When you see a beautiful woman, remember that she has fears, insecurities and worries of her own.  Don’t add to them, help her forget about them.

Our biggest problem is generally that we’re so tense.  Your life is not in danger, so play it cool.  Give her a gentle smile, say hi, and maybe a conversation will come out of it.  And maybe she’ll think you’re a loser and roll her eyes.

I’ve had it go either of those ways.  And amazingly, I’m still alive.


About Chris Hodge

I'm a freelance writer, manual laborer and owner of a couple struggling businesses. I also have Asperger's Syndrome, and I've also gone a lot further than some people thought I ever would. I'm open to learning how I can be more successful, and showing others how they can do better in life.
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